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Supported hardware Gqrx uses the gr-osmosdr library as input source and supports the SDR hardware listed below. (Italics) means that it the hardware has not …

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A simple setup to feed AIS data to Marine Traffic with a

En esta parte vere como usar la Raspberry Pi con el dongle USB para DVB-T como sistema SDR, siguiendo las instrucciones de EB1HBK para su instalacin en Raspbian. (Se transcribe literalmente tal cual el autor lo tiene en su blog).

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Raspberry Piを単体で利用することもできますので、この方法については別途書きたいと思います。 Raspberry Piは今年の春先からとても話題になったのですが、納期に時間がかかることでも有名でした。

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The beauty with this project is that the team at Osmocom have already created software that creates the server for you. So I'm eternally grateful to them for all of their hard work. I enjoy online gaming, Raspberry Pi and Arduino coding and Amateur Radio. I also enjoy gliding, flying both the real thing and Radio Control. These pages can be

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/2/2016That took care of the problem. Now I am thinking that osmocom may not be the software I need. It appears to be a spectrum analyzer and I like that part of it.

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CPU use on a Raspberry Pi 2 is 100% of two cores, plus around 50% of the other two cores. There is plenty of headroom to run other scripts. The image is meant to run 'headless' without a display, so whether it has enough CPU headroom to run a graphical desktop as well I do not know.

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/3/2018Hi I am trying to receive FM using RTL2832u SDR in my Raspberry Pi, The OS in my raspberry is RASPBIAN WHEEZY and I have used the following commands to install the necessary drivers to the system

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Install rtl-sdr on Raspian on Raspberry Pi. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Raspberry Pi as Remote Server for RTL2832u SDR . Amateur Radio Projects and Software Defined Radio

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Raspberry PiでRTL-SDRをビルドして使うrevised 以前Raspberry Piでrtl-sdrを使ってリモート受信サーバに仕立てる件について記しましたが、先日追加でもう一台購入してセットアップしてみましたので、最近の状況について書いておきます。

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Raspberry PiとRTLSDRドングルを受信サーバとして使ってみる

The Raspberry Pi has been put to countless creative uses, with it's low cost and easy to use GPIO, coupled with a passionate and inventive community, giving birth to applications that have ranged from simple fun, to inspired and even profound.

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Raspberry Pi models Raspberry Pi – A/A+ 700 MHz CPU 1GB SDRAM, 4xUSB, ether+wifi Pi Zero

Raspberry pi osmocom

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The following assumes you have a working Raspberry Pi running the Raspian OS. Setup:RPI_Raspian. The RPi must have access to a work internet connection and the current software is up to date. To update the pi run the following 2 commands sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade Supporting utilites